Perk guides are designed to be step by step instructions for how to accomplish a specific task. They are good if you are doing something for the first time. If you're looking for quick reference material instead you might prefer the API Documentation

Getting started with Perk on OS X

Get Perk up and running on your OS X machine.

Installing Homebrew on your Mac

Instructions for installing Homebrew for OS X users.

Installing Node, Redis and PostgreSQL on your Mac

A quick guide describing how to install Node, Redis and PostgreSQL on OS X.

Creating a static home page

Create a basic static HTML page

Creating new pages and routes

Learn how to use express routing with Perk to create new pages.

Creating a dynamic view with ejs

Learn how to pass data from a router to a view with ejs.

Building your first API

Follow these steps to build your first API using Perk.

Querying and displaying data with models

Learn how to query data from the database using models and display it using a view.

User authentication with Facebook

Learn how to integrate Facebook login into your Perk app.

Deploying Perk Apps to Heroku

Instructions for deploying perk apps to Heroku.

Database Migrations with Knex

Learn how to migrate your Postgres database.

Using systemd to Run Your App

systemd allows you to ensure that your node server is always running

Customizing the User Database Schema

Learn how to safely rename columns on the user and authentication tables.